Wings wide set in the teeth of the wind

(Warning: Gratuitous stupidity within)

22 February 1985
Portland, Oregon, United States
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The journal is friends-only! Partially an art blog, partially a place to geek about birdwatching, partially about nothing in particular... if you want in, please say so. I probably have no idea who you are, so if you want to be in on the funtimes, please comment and tell me who you are. If you just add me as a friend but don't say anything, I will assume you just don't care enough to say hi, and thus I don't care enough to add you back.

If I have added you spontaneously and unprovoked, it is probably because I find you intriiiiiguing, and from now on I intend to stare at you while you eat.

If you are interested in the dagron known as Rah-Bop, a ref sheet can be found here.

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